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Thank you for looking at my work!

I’ve always been curious about people. I was a shy kid and spent a lot of time on the sidelines observing others. I grew out of that a little, but I never really lost the curiosity. I started shooting photos as a kid. It started as something fun to do, but eventually I’d come to realize that there was something amazing in images. The way a photo can make a scene come whirring back from some distant place in your memory. How a photo can make you smile, or miss someone. I never imagined I’d have the best job in the world, but I really do.

I won’t bore you with what type of music I listen to, or what I like to drink in the morning. I’d much rather hear that kind of stuff about you. If you think photography is important, I bet we’ll get along just fine! I want to create amazing images with you, so let’s talk.


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