These are some shots from a wedding I recently 2nd shot with Andrew Collings. I’ve been shooting some weddings with Andy here and there recently to try and hone my skills a bit more. He’s been doing this for over 15 years, and has a lot to teach so it’s been a really great opportunity to say the least. We drove around an industrial quarter on the Southside of Chicago and got some pretty cool stuff before the ceremony which took place in Bridgeport. Brad and Arianne were totally rad. I’ve shot a lot of weddings where I wondered if the bride and groom even liked each other let alone were ready to live together forever, and this was certainly not the case with them.  I recently attended a workshop put on by the super talented Sean Flanigan, and he talked a lot about how great photography (of people) is not an accident but rather a product of collaboration between the subjects and the shooter. I totally agree with this philosophy, and feel like the photos from this day turned out great because of the willing participation of Brad and Arianne. So yeah… thanks guys and congratulations!