This week Threadless launched a brand new line of clothing called “Select”. Basically we’re taking t-shirt graphics and putting them onto different styles of clothing than we have in the past. This has been an interesting project to work on. It isn’t often that I work with proper “models”. I’m always taking photos of normal folk, and that’s pretty much how I like it to be honest. Having said that, it was really cool to work with people who know how to pose in different types of situations. I’m asked for advice on how stand, and “where to put my hands” quite a bit while photographing people, and I usually tend to opt for a more natural approach, so I admit I’m not the best at figuring that stuff out. These guys were pros. They just seem to know what to do at all times, which was awesome because it freed up my mind to focus on the actual photography.

The photos of Eve above were taken on this closed down line of train-tracks in Wicker park. We walked through broken glass and rocks for about half a mile to get to the spot we took most of these. There were people sleeping on the tracks, lots of erm…poop to dodge, and a whole family of squatters with dogs right behind a fence where we were shooting. It was really hot, and a little on the sketchy side at times, and so bright I couldn’t see my viewfinder, and I was just kind of relying on instinct. I left the shoot kind of shaking my head in disappointment, and was seriously relieved to look at the files later and see that there were in fact tons of use-able shots. It’s funny how gnarly conditions can make you completely doubt yourself sometimes. The rest were shot  in the Ravenswood neighborhood and in my studio. Check out the new Select line, I think our production team did a great job with it.