“The Most Metal Tees On Threadless” (Buzzfeed)

Think Threadless is just cats with lazer eyes, and diametrically opposed protagonists co-existing in harmony (cookie loves milk anyone?). Peel back a few layers of cute and clever and these brutally Metal designs will rise up to the surface of your nightmares….


Meet Minneapolis Street Artist HoTTea  (Youtube)

Drawn to Minneapolis artist HoTTea’s inventive and non-destructive take on street art, Threadless offered the Minneapolis College of Art and Design grad $2,000 to fund the project of his choosing. Miles of yarn and 12 hours later, his inspiring transformation of a derelict tennis court reminds us to always look on the bright side.


Awesome Artist Spotlight: Sonnenzimmer (Vimeo)

We stopped by the studio of fellow Chicago makers of awesome Sonnenzimmer. Creative-Duo Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi merge typography, fine art, printmaking, and publication design to create beautiful and unusual posters.


Teetorials: How To Direct A Short Film! (Threadless Blog)

The low-budget guide to directing the spooktacular (yeah I just wrote that) zombie-filled short film “The Nightshift”.


Meet Threadless MADE Artist Ross Bruggink (Vimeo)

Ross is a designer and illustrator from Minneapolis, Minnesota. His work is inspired by nature, folklore, mythology and geometry. Ross lives with his equally creative wife, Jessica, their magical puppy, Merlin, and mischievous rabbit, Guy Bun. Despite being a friend to all, Ross strikes fear into each of his hapless cribbage opponents.